A roleplaying game with accompanying installation

Premiere: 30.05.2019 // Theatermaschine @ Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, JLU Gie├čen

Belonging outside belonging: we are human.machine cyborgs living in the near to distant future. Humanity has abandoned artificial intelligence and computing in a desperate scramble to manage resource scarcity, wealth inequality, climate change, war, and transnational corporatism. They built a new society of purity and wholeness and called it EDEN. To their utopia, our hybridity is a curse, threatening to infect their vision of truth in a simpler world. Somehow, in their return to the dirt, they still found us unclean. Spared due to our perceived humanity, alienated due to our perceived impurity, we found each other and built ourselves a home, a small community that we call the TANGLE. Here the dead.net still buzzes, showing us the potential to be more than we are alone.

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Thema von Anders Norén