FEELINGS: a Cyberformance

An interactive tour through virtual spacesĀ 

Premiere: 09.06.2021 // Online for Staatstheater Mainz // Funded by Hessische Theaterakademie

featuring the voices of Gesa Geue, Julian von Hansemann, Sebastian Brandes, Hannah von Peinen, Johannes Schmidt, Leoni Schulz, Andrea Quirbach

music by Tim Hesselbach

>> welcome to FEELINGS 
>> what would you like to do next?
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>> run a race
>> enjoy a cold bev on the rooftop terrace 
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The fleshy body of material space is, in virtual space, replaced by endless versions of corporality: a gap. 

An interactive tour through digital spaces: the cyberformance FEELINGS busies itself with this gap. How do we experience intimacy in virtual worlds? How do roles manifest in digital bodies? How does the body in front of the screen influence the anonymized cyber-surface? Audience groups of up to six participants meet each other on the various floors of FEELINGS, spaces that offer different perspectives on the (de-)construction of social and private identity. 

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