Premiere: 24.07.2021 // @ Wild Project, NYC

Directed by Clare Mottola
Design and Technical Direction by Emmie Finckel
Sound Design by Evdoxia Ragkou
Performed by Martha Epstein, Dhari Noel, and Josef Mehling
Presented by Cherry Picking

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Spirit Junkie — welcomes you to the live recording of the podcast your always-happy friend always recommends. Our host, Spirit Junkie, invites you on a journey to investigate how one can embrace self, manifest love, and maintain joy. Spirit Junkie’s guest for this week’s episode is an activist who is dedicated to the movement for Black lives. Restorative justice and the dismantling of power structures are at the center of their practice. Spirit Junkie and her Guest will dig deep in an attempt to bridge the gap between their two distinct journeys of self, love, and joy. In the aftermath, we’ll hopefully be left with a reason to celebrate and release, after more than a year of mourning and holding on for our dear lives.

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